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Ashton II - Havana Cestnut Borwn & Gold Browline

Ashton II - Havana Cestnut Borwn & Gold Browline

Ashton is a modern take on a browline or clubmaster. The style was omnipresent in 1950s Hollywood film culture. Malcom X who owned several pairs stated: "A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything."


We love the iconic nature of the club master and gave our own spin on them. We shaped the wire metal below the lens as the lower part of an octagon with rounded corners. 

  • Our Lenses

    Bio-based nylon called Trogamid is the base material for our lenses. Carl Zeiss developed them. Our lenses offer UV400 protection, along with unparalleled clarity. You can take them for a swim as they can stand sea water. They don't stain and are very difficult to scratch. 

    Furthermore, they are recyclable, durable, safe, and lightweight. 

  • Polarized

    Polarized lenses block horizontal light. Horizontal light is the annoying glare caused by reflected sunlight. Just think of the reflected sunlight that shines on glass, asphalt, water, and snow. Sunglasses with polarized lenses eliminate this glare, ensure that you see colors as they are. 

    You'll also see sharper and depth better.

  • Free pouch

    After a long day of protecting you from the sun and making you look like the coolest kid on the block. You want to put your Mercury sunglasses to bed in a safe, cuddly pouch. Felt is the material of choice here, a fantastic material.

    • Felt is water repellent and super strong. Still, it feels so cuddly and soft.

    • It feels nice and soft. You don't have to worry about your new sunnies getting scratched up in your bag or the glove compartment.

    • When you're wearing your glasses, the pouch is entirely flat. So, girls, you don't log around a massive empty case in your bag. Guys stick it in their coat pocket or even in the back of their jeans.

  • Acetate

    Acetate is a biopolymer derived from tree pulp and natural cotton fibers. So it's made from a renewable source and is hypoallergenic! 
        It's stunning material, with a deep gloss and high transparency. The higher the quality acetate, the better the brilliance and clarity. Wearers frequently describe the material to have a natural feel. 

  • Nose pads

    We use a unique clamping technique to affix our nose pads. We don't use screws. In this way, they do not rattle when you're holding your frame in your hand. It's those little details we care about most.

  • Metal

    We only use stainless steel, which we coat with a technique called ion-plating. This coating is rockhard.We test our coating in a unique oven in an acid solution for 72 hours. Isn't that a remarkable story to tell your mother-in-law?

    This way, we know our frames can stand years of wearing, sweating, sun lotion, etc. In other words, you don't have to buy a new pair every summer. 

Lens Colour